thingpart (thingpart) wrote,

Never Give Up on Your Wonderful, Wonderful T-Shirt Company

In case you haven't heard, Space Pancake, the t-shirt company run by myself and Josh Frankel, has finally and permanently closed it's internet doors.

If you've always wanted a "Stupid, Stupid Dreams" shirt, and you're a lady, now is your last chance to get one. I have 9 shirts in women's sizes left, and then after that, they may never be reprinted again.

Here are the sizes/quantities I've got:
S - 3  2 out
M - 2  1 out
L - 1 out
XL - 3 out

They're all gone! Thanks everyone!

They're $20 each including shipping (US/Canada), $26 (the other countries).

If you'd like one, send me an email at

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